aerosoft's - Aerosoft Stadiums 2008

aerosoft's - Aerosoft Stadiums 2008

Aerosoft provides add-ons sceneries like the Aerosoft Stadiums 2008 (FSX only)
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It is the repeated feature of Aerosoft to provide add-ons sceneries like the Aerosoft Stadiums 2008 (FSX only). This add-on takes you along with your favorite teams as they advance in the European Football Championships. The football fans will like this simulation and it is an excellent collection for others.

The package includes the Klagenfurt: Wörtherseestadion, Salzburg: EM-Stadion Wals-Siezenheim, Innsbruck: Stadion Tivoli-Neu, Wien: Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Basel: St.-Jakob-Park, Bern: Stade de Suisse Wankdorf, Genf: Stade de Genève, and Zürich: Stadion Letzigrund stadiums. You can expand your FSX package with this download. You also get to see all the stadiums in a go. The package built around the European Football Championships makes it an exciting event. The eight stadiums have been built with detailed graphics and provide you the enjoyment of being in the real stadiums. The animation is excellent in this add-on. The added feature of the tournament makes the add-on excellent.

The add-on is an added pleasure to have for your Flight Simulation X. What better way to enjoy your FSX for football enthusiast but to follow UEFA European Football Championships one of the major football events around the world on your simulation.

Luis Sanchez
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